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Our Story

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How it all began...


Three lovey girls Heather, Liz and Vivian shared a little house on the far far side of the island, they loved nothing more than to go dancing and singing every day and of course they loved making tea most of all.



In their spare time they liked doing a little good by helping raise funds for UNICEF. How could they help to raise emergency funds? The girls thought why not raise some money at Ireland biggest music festival…the Electric Picnic..! Sell lots of cups of tea? Great! Now - what to call their little tea tent? They slept on it, and what do you know ..yip ...Mrs Doyle came to them in a dream! Up they jumped out of bed, all at the same time, looked at each other , immediately they contacted herself and of course Mrs Doyle agreed to pass on her recipe for her happy teas... provided of course that the lovely girls would help make Mrs Doyle's tea go big time and do a little good as well! Mrs Doyle would be free to travel the world on her bicycle searching for the best teas ever! The girls agreed and what do you know they sold thousands of cups of tea at the festival, raised lots for UNICEF.


These days Mrs Doyle travels the world sending back the best teas ever and the lovely girls run the show back on the island!

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